Englisch Sprachwoche in Wagrain

sprachwoche wagrain 0186September 11th, 2017 – A…

   L arge group of 4th graders and 4 teachers left Seitenstetten.

   A rrival in Wagrain after a long but comfortable bus ride a few hours later.


   N atives welcomed them at the Markushof and

   G reat rooms made them feel at home.

sprachwoche wagrain 0185   U biquitous, different accents of English.

   A fter three lessons of English the first

   G orgeous dinner was served.

   E nglish bedtime stories and a sports programme ended the first day.

   C ereals and other yummy things for breakfast, followed by lessons

   A bout culture in English speaking countries, creating monsters/countries, etc.

sprachwoche wagrain 0184   M arvellous riddles had to be solved during the scavenger hunt in the afternoon.

   P ractice of listening skills at the movie night was the last activity on Tuesday.

   W ednesday morning was full of English too and it ended with a delicious BBQ.

   A trip through Wagrain, waterworld, pass the parcel, etc. followed in the afternoon.

   G ood gracious, it was the 4th day already when baseball, egg drop,... took place.

sprachwoche wagrain 0183   R ’n’B and other music styles were the essential part of Thursday’s last highlight.

   A lovely week in Wagrain came to an end on September 15th but

    I nvaluable memories will stay!

   N eedless to say that it was simply one of the most fabulous weeks at school!

sprachwoche wagrain 0182sprachwoche wagrain 0181sprachwoche wagrain 0187

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